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Vegas Pro is your companion project from start to finish. Edit professional high quality audio and video 4K format. Open for investment to optimize workflow for image stabilization, dynamic design to createcustom zagalovkaviDVD and Blu-ray discs. Try a new creative freedom with MAGIX Vegas Pro 14. VEGAS products are the best choice when it comes to effective video and audio editing. The Vegas Pro version is suited for amateur and experienced filmmakers, each of karystalnikamoguts use innovative toolsand the performance of the software workflow.

Easier and better

Give space for creativity to grow. Vegas Pro 14 video editing projects to continue with intelligent workflows and advanced audio srodkavRedagavanne easy to achieve professionalstandards. Built-insupport HEVC ProRes format files and allows you to fit all standard formats on a different schedule, even camcorders with red.

surprisingly effective

Vegas Pro 14, you can davapoveche vladyredagavanne than ever. With the new speed limitation, it can quickly create motion, 40 times fasterfrom normal speed. New brush cleaning features make marking points and adding trimming frames much faster and more efficient. getapakidae more time for the main goals: create an impressive clip.

How to install:

). Instructions are included, if necessary.

2).All this is good and enjoy

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