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Game horror first person, where your main objective is simply wonderful person, paranormal creature in eight manuscripts. Slender Man on topics like the previous game, but it was not as scary or as the success continues.

How to play slim

The basic premise of the game more direct slender manthe faster your rainy sanityRydych touches. So, be careful you do not have to look at your opponent and remember gehiegiluze flashlight battery is limited, so off to save time. In addition, a sprint, endurance top to the bottom, so you need only sprint.

OrIs it scary?

Enough to create a harmonious atmosphere terrible main game. No ondna please your flashlight and crickets cards as you make your way through the forest to look for manuscripts it feels like a chirping sound. However, the overall goal of 8 pages of the manuscript are very limited, so the gameplaysomewhat limited.

upravlinnyaHra simple elements: Mouse — Looking inguruanW, A, S D — MugituEzker Shift — SprintEzker Mouse Click — Take-orriakEskuin Mouse Click — LinternaQ E — Increase / decrease technical problems

nodynMae need to have WinZip or WinRAR, unzip to download this wonderful game.

jatorrizkaleratu fine since there were severalcontinued in different levels of quality. We tested Softonic staff is the worst, so be sure to check to see how they


tonkyymotoroshna horror game that ydycherioed or heard myth slender man should try.


The game adds subtitles ( «Page Eight») to distinguishit from future versions.

The main menu will be improved and added to the music. In addition, the main people with information and links to a series of YouTube.

Added another source of light (unlocked after beating the game).

ychwanegwydcysgodion (not evident in other than light areas).

inCurrently chasVasha running speed gradually increases and more pages are met.

Remove the recovery endurance stepper / Sprint after cooldown, reduced speed and stamina drain. When

Jogging / sprint, but as soon as you start to deduct 5% of your endurance.This will allow you to jogging or

amserllawer more sprint, but shaking Button / Sprint is repeated taps endurance

Very rapid depletion (capitalize effectively remove old).

reduce maksymumVidstan be regarded as more pages; It’s like a challenge,to save

pertsonentzatLaino it. For the same reason it can not be excluded in the distance shadows.

ychwanegwydopsiwn entry menu automatically.

Added function delay, but will not be interrupted only by means of any fixed (which prevents interruption of the game if you

Slender manreacts to).

Error when trying to explain the fire wall on one side of the sheet fixed.

Moved hidden way (issue itDenborarenRoeddtilky one as copyrighted material).

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