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The first version of Minecraft is for anyone who has the game on Windows or Mac. In this way, you can test the upcoming features and help you find errors in future official releases and fix them.

The future of Minecraft

Minecraft- this is not just a game that is still under development, but the developer Mojang has always been very open, giving users the opportunity to see future games. Everyone of Minecraft is easy to install pre-release.

currentPodglądzwolnić, Bountiful update full of minor adjustments and changes to the game, although it is not a big head function as it was before. Minecraft «updating to change the world» made a big difference in the way the game worlds were created, and, of course, brought us horses.

Now łatwiejszeużywać

I really have nothing to lose if they try in advance, Minecraft, if you already have the game. You can easily make mezhduI officialRelease, and do not be in danger of losing saved games.

Żezainstalować’s pre-release of Minecraft, just download the file. Then open the Minecraft launcher, then on the «New Profile», call it «Snapshots» and find a window that says «Enable Experimental Development Snapshots».

No nicstracić

The first version of Minecraft looks like a great additional feature of the official game. It costs nothing, and the great sposobPosmotretHow the game evolves.

Bountiful Update

OstatniWstępne release of Minecraft, Bountiful update adds lots of new blocks, thin arms for heroes, underwater caves and more.


To play Minecraft, you must have a license from the developer ready for download.

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