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One of the biggest franchises in computer games, Vin Command: The red signal is a favorite favorite since the middle of the ninth century, thanks to its unique combination of real-time strategy, Cold War aesthetics and camp stimulation. The latest version, Alert Red 3, continuesthis fine tradition with excellent graphics and sound enhancements.

Team Winner: Red 3 Demo has three training tasks and several potential support campaigns. You play directly in the Soviet Union and NATO to be honored with a worthy demonstration that will give you a good ideawhether he will love the game

As in earlier versions of Alert Red, this latest version faces the Soviet Union against the partner and may include timely transportation, nuclear weapons and an exhibition at the campus exhibition in the seventh minute of the introduction. The movie sells andthe addition of Alert Red 3 main: Empire of Plantation Sun, a new power to reproduce the reproduction of world domination.

Winning Command: Red Alert 3 uses a new 3D image and effects that were unveiled in the Tiberian title last year, which means that C C fans will already be fully awarewith the control and appearance of the game. We thought we understood a high processor and GPU load in this Vin 3 command title, but that’s no reason for more than just a few stimulating advanced settings. Sound, video and acting are of high quality, making the game so good,however unacceptable.

Still at the end of the day. What the red light 3 really is missing is new. In fact, cars and units were a bit shaken (including «The Unbelievable Side of Soviet Varriors» Var), and Japan was added to the list of contestants. But Alert Red 3really is not the opposite of Decision 3, or Alert Red 2 about it. Photos and sounds are improved, but the game is very similar.

The fans of the series enjoy the victories of the Vin Commander: Red Alert 3 and comedy moments. But anyone who expects a new game will worry.

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